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[CodeEngn] Basic RCE – Level 19 0

[CodeEngn] Basic RCE – Level 19

http://codeengn.com/challenges/basic/19 How many milliseconds does it take for this program to terminate Nhìn cái icon biết ngay là AutoIT, mở bằng Exe2Aut: [autoit]MsgBox(0, “CodeEngn Reverse L19”, “CodeEngn.com by Lee Kang-Seok”, 11.12)[/autoit] Đổi từ 11.12...

[CodeEngn] Basic RCE – Level 17 0

[CodeEngn] Basic RCE – Level 17

http://codeengn.com/challenges/basic/17 What is Name when the Key is BEDA-2F56-BC4F4368-8A71-870B Hint : The name is 1 letter and it could be either alphabetic or numeric. Verify your solution with the MD5 value of the Name....

[CodeEngn] Basic RCE – Level 15 0

[CodeEngn] Basic RCE – Level 15

http://codeengn.com/challenges/basic/15 Find the Serial when the Name is CodeEngn Thật sự rất nhàm chán khi lại là một bài thuần về fishing. → flag = 24928.  

[CodeEngn] Basic RCE – Level 14 0

[CodeEngn] Basic RCE – Level 14

http://codeengn.com/challenges/basic/14 Find the Serial when the Name of CodeEngn (This problem has several answers, and the answer should be a 5 digit number. Brute forcing is required.) Ex: 11111 Packer là UPX, tiến hành...

[CodeEngn] Basic RCE – Level 13 0

[CodeEngn] Basic RCE – Level 13

http://codeengn.com/challenges/basic/13 Find the answer Kiểm tra bằng PEiD thấy viết bằng .Net, dùng Reflector để mở: [csharp]public class RijndaelSimple { // Methods public static string Decrypt(string cipherText, string passPhrase, string saltValue, string hashAlgorithm, int...

[CodeEngn] Basic RCE – Level 12 0

[CodeEngn] Basic RCE – Level 12

http://codeengn.com/challenges/basic/12 You will see a success message after finding the key. If you would want the Key itself to replace the success message in the MessageBox, open up a Hex Editor and overwrite the...

[CodeEngn] Basic RCE – Level 11 0

[CodeEngn] Basic RCE – Level 11

http://codeengn.com/challenges/basic/11 Find the OEP. Ex) 00401000 / Find the Stolenbyte. Ex) FF35CA204000E84D000000 The solution should be in this format : OEP + Serial Ex ) 00401000FF35CA204000E84D000000 Bài này chính là bài 9, chỉ khác...

[CodeEngn] Basic RCE – Level 10 0

[CodeEngn] Basic RCE – Level 10

http://codeengn.com/challenges/basic/10 After finding the OEP, find the OPCODE of the branch instruction going to the “goodboy routine” The solution should be in this format : OEP + Serial EX) 00400000EB03 Kiểm tra bằng PEiD,...